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Free Tours guides will make you love Kyiv and Ukraine. They are eager to show you a lot of interesting places in the capital of Ukraine. Our guides are young and active with a professional background and rich experience in guiding. They will not only show you the best historical sights, but also entertain you with local legends and customs. We proudly believe that they are the best guides in Kyiv and all over Ukraine. They speak English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and other languages. Our guides can help you to make your trip to Ukraine one of the best in your life.

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Guide Eugene EUGENE

Eugene just mastered English and German languages at university. He is young,cheerful guide who likes to entertain people. One of his greatest passions is Ukrainian folk dances. He traveled half of the world with his dancing band. So be sure he can tell you a lot about Ukrainian culture and even can give you a master class in folk dances.

Available for: Private city tours, Pub crawls, Nightlife Tours, Lavra Monastery and WWII Museum, Missile Rocket Base Tour.

Guide Olga OLGA

Olga is a very communicative and optimistic guide. She loves Kyiv and likes to walk around the city discovering it again and again. She is excited to share this information and feeling with everyone, who wants to experience Kyiv. She is a graduate of National pedagogical university and makes her PHD-degree in biology.

Available for: Free walking tours, Private city tours.

Guide Kostya KOSTYA

Kostya is a computer science student at Kyiv University. His mother and granny used to be tourist guides so guiding is in his blood. This is a guy of character and can join any topic of conversation. His knowledge of Kyiv history is impressive. No historian can beat him. Fan of good food, good drink, good friends and good times.

Available for: Free walking tours, Private city tours, Lavra Monastery and WWII Museum, Museum Tours.

Guide NatalyNATALY

Nataly loves Kyiv as her second home after sunny southern city Nykolaiv. She is very cheerful and positive tour guide who tries to fill her tours with lots of laugh and joy. She likes to socialize and discover geography of her tourists. One of her hobbies is photography so be sure that during the tour she can make you a great variety of funny photos for you to remember your holidays in Kyiv.

Available for: Free walking tours, Private city tours.

Guide MykolaMYKOLA

Mykola is the most experienced person at Kyiv free tours. Besides being a good guide he can also tell you a lot about other cities of Ukraine and can even teach you how to shoot from AK-47 as he is a former soldier! The sky is the limit - this is how we can describe this funny man. His latest dream is to study Arabic, so don't be shy to help him.

Available for: Free walking tours, Military Tour, Tours of One Day.

Guide Olya OLYA

Olya is a communicative and positive girl. Currently she works as a personal assistant in the hotel «Rus». In free time she improves her English language skills with free walking tours. Romantic and belives in love at first sight. Will gladly show the city and try to make your trip unforgatable.

Available for: Free walking tours, Private city tours, Lavra Monastery and WWII Museum, Pub Crawls and Nightlife Tours.

Guide Serge SERGE

Serge was born in Moscow, but when he was a child his family moved to Kyiv and decided to stay here. He adores Kyiv and likes meeting new people. He is a professional volleyball player and fan of football. He is the funniest guide you've ever met. Besides, he is a marketing specialist working full time during the week and devotes his weekends to the free tours.

Available for: Free walking tours, Private city tours, Pub Crawls.

Guide Victoria VICTORIA

Victoria came to Kyiv from sunny city Mykolaiv. Currently she is doing her Master Degree in the Institute for Translators and Interpreters and also improves her English guiding tourists around the city. She is a professional guide, can intrigue everyone and share myths and legends of the city.

Available for: Free walking tours, Private city tours, Lavra Monastery and WWII Museum.

Guide FedorNINA

Nina is young and passionate. She studies Law in the National Economic University. But despite being a serious girl, she is also a great guide with a charming smile. She can show you much more than you can find in the city guides.

Available for: Free walking tours, Private City Tours, WWII Museum, City Quests

Guide GalyaGALYA

Galya is a guide and a teacher, graduated from Kyiv National Linguistic University, who spends her free time with free walking tours. She is a master of her craft and speaks Queen English. Her positive character will make your day. She can't wait to show you the most beautiful places in Kyiv and make you love this city.

Available for: Free walking tours, Private city tours, Lavra Monastery and WWII Museum.

Guide Vlad VLAD

Vlad is the youngest free tours volunteer, but he has a great potential. He was born in Kyiv and still studies at high school here. He always wants more and aims to it. His dream is to become professional guide and visit at least 100 countries. Likes active life, doing sports like surfing, football and martial arts.

Available for: Free walking tours

Guide FedorFEDOR

Fedor was born in Feodosia - resort city on the coast of Black Sea, but after visiting the capital of Ukraine when he was 14 he understood that his heart belonged to Kyiv. His dream came true and currently he studies economics in his beloved city. In his free time he joins free walking tours and shows tourists how beautiful and diverse Kyiv is.

Available for: Free walking tours, Pub crawls, Nightlife Tours.

Guide DimaDIMA

Dima has just graduated from the University for Translators and Interpreters and now does the full-time job in the Tourist Information Center. In free time he works as a guide and gladly shows tourists the beauty of charming Kyiv.

Available for: Free walking tours, Missile Rocket Base Tours.

Guide Victoria VICTORIA

Victoria studies English and German languages at Kyiv Institute for Interpreters and Translators. She adores Kyiv and wants to share the best of her knowledge about this beautiful city with foreigners. She is glad to show everybody historical and architectural monuments of the charming capital of Ukraine.

Available for: Free walking tours, Private city tours.

Guide KarinaKARINA

Karina came to Kyiv from ancient Northern city Chernihiv and works as an administrator in the Tourist Information Center and is always ready to give tourists all necessary information. She studies English and French at Kyiv Institute for Translators and Interpreters. Likes photography, dogs and camomiles. Adores Kyiv and shares her passion with other tourists.

Available for: Free walking tours.
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